Let’s build the complete list of Credit Unions on Twitter!

Credit unions have always been community-focused and with the rise of social networks, they haven’t missed a beat. There are hundreds of credit unions using Twitter to communicate with their communities and each other. So, we started to create a comprehensive list of all of them in one place. Any time you or a potential patron are looking for a local credit union on Twitter, there is somewhere you can go!

We are up to nearly 570 right now, and are adding more whenever we can. The list of every credit union is housed on Google Docs right now.

While this is already an extensive list, we know it is not yet complete. Credit unions are incredibly active on Twitter, and more are joining all the time. Who did we miss? Let us know! Head over to Google Docs through the link below to add yourself, fill in more information about your credit union(full name, location, etc…), or just tweet us anytime at @CoBrandedCards.

Credit Unions on Twitter

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