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Alliance has helped some of the most well respected companies in the marketplace make informed decisions regarding opportunities in the payments industry

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Frontier Airlines, Inc.

"The Alliance team was very instrumental with helping Frontier to first make a decision to introduce a co-brand card program and then to choose to partner with the issuer whom Alliance was representing. Their industry knowledge and experience was clearly evident from our first interaction and they well represented their bank partner throughout the process. Alliance helped to streamline our decision making process, facilitate our interaction with the bank, and ultimately enter into a long-term partnership agreement."

Getty Petroleum Marketing/LUKOIL USA

"It was a pleasure to work with The Alliance Group during the process of choosing our bank partner for the LUKOIL affinity card program. The bank was well represented by Alliance. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and clearly understands the petroleum industry. They did a great job representing both the Bank’s interest and our own, resulting in a successful long term partnership."

River Valley Credit Union

"Because of the competition from the large national issuers, we decided that the credit card business was no longer a core product for us. We were pleased with Alliance’s analysis of our position and the arrangement they helped us negotiate with our new partner."

Gulf Oil

"Alliance played an invaluable role in helping Gulf to successfully transition from one co-brand card issuer to another, including facilitating the sale of the Gulf credit card portfolio to our new co-brand partner. Alliance’s highly professional and experienced sales executives helped Gulf to sort through the frenzy of a highly competitive sales process, ultimately serving to align Gulf with the best card partner. Both Gulf and the issuer were well represented by Alliance and benefited from Alliance’s obvious understanding of the credit card and co-brand marketplace."


"As was exploring options for an affinity credit-card partnership, Alliance played a key role in facilitating a relationship with a well-suited issuer. Not only did Alliance act as a liaison between Orbitz and the issuing bank, but they also were able to remain objective during the decision making process, thereby providing Orbitz with valuable and unbiased advice. I was very impressed with their industry expertise, and customer focus."

Fraternal Order of Eagles

"When we began our search for an Affinity Card program we quickly discovered that it was not a simple process as one would believe. The team at Alliance brought a true understanding of all the banking regulations and potential pitfalls to such a program and was able to mesh them with our self-imposed limitations. Working with us and our concerns they went the extra mile to facilitate an agreement when others said it could not be done. I highly recommend Alliance and wish there were more companies like them in our pursuit of partnership marketing."

Florida Commerce Credit Union

"We wanted to provide a more competitive set of products to our members. We’re pleased with the leadership provided by Alliance and by the arrangement we have with our partner."


"When we began our review for a co-branded credit card we partnered with Alliance to help secure the best credit card issuer for our program. Their knowledge of the credit card industry stretched well beyond securing an issuing bank. They were instrumental in all aspects from contract negotiations, technology requirements, and program marketing. Over the last 15 months our program has experienced tremendous results. This would not have been possible without the Alliance team. I would fully recommend that anyone looking to develop a credit card program should first call Alliance."

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