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Our Advisory Services division is singularly focused on guiding co-brand and affinity partners through the complicated process of developing a new or revamping an existing card program.

The approach we take with each client is to completely understand their needs and translate them into clearly defined and achievable objectives to be met by a card partnership program. And while our management team will leverage our experience and successes on all sides of the partnership process – from having worked on both bank and partner teams – we recognize that each client presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Our highly qualified team provides our clients with the following services:

  • Benchmarking of current programs
  • Opportunity assessment for new card programs
  • Program analytics and financial forecasting
  • Optimization of existing marketing channels
  • Identification of potential new marketing vehicles and target segments
  • Preemptive renegotiation with existing issuing bank partner
  • RFP management
  • Portfolio valuations and brokerage support
  • Contract negotiation