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How can your institution improve the performance of your payment card programs?

Friday, May 28th, 2010

1. Lowering costs to operate your card programs: The benefits of re-allocating your current capital resources would contribute to your growth potential with out having to invest more money.

2. Reduction of delinquency and loan loss associated with unsecured card products: Risk mitigated is the key to a successful payment card program.

3. Streamlining operational efficiencies and card technology: Many card issuers are partnered with antiquated processor platforms or utilize a separate processing platform for credit and debit, which can be inefficient and costly.

4. Offering a competitive card product: Investment in card offering upgrades and rewards programs will allow your institution to offer a compelling card product.

5. Increasing card utilization and profitability: Your investment in the performance of your card programs will increase card usage and improve the ROA for your institution.